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Grooming & Healthcare

Grooming & Healthcare

My pet hates grooming

If your pet hates aspects of his or her regular grooming routine, keeping him or her healthy and clean can be a struggle. Whether your pet expresses fear or anxiety from bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and more, it is important that you do not give up on the activity altogether. Not only is proper hygiene important for those who interact with your pet at home, but it can also prevent certain health issues and improve the overall quality of life for your pet.

At the Animal Behavior Clinic of AERA, we use various scientific methods that adjust your pet to grooming and even help it to become an enjoyable activity! With proper training techniques and a dedicated support team, we can help your pet put his or her best paw forward as they adjust to a regular grooming schedule with you at home.

My pet hates going to the vet

You check your calendar and notice it is about time to schedule that dreaded routine vet visit. Not only does your pet display signs of fear, anxiety, and stress at the vet, but his or her reaction, in turn, causes you the same emotions! By allowing your pet to continue his or her reactions or by discontinuing vet visits altogether, the issue does not resolve and may even result in health complications for your pet down the line.

We have worked with many pets who experience varying degrees of discomfort before, during, and after their vet visits. From barking and whining to full-on aggressive behavior, the team at the Animal Behavior Clinic of AERA uses a combination of proven methods with a plan uniquely tailored for your pet to address the issue(s) and acclimate him or her to a stress-free vet visit.

Want to make an appointment but you’re unsure of how your pet will tolerate a visit to our clinic? Call us ahead of time to discuss accommodations that we can make to allow for a seamless, low-stress visit.