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Coping with a Pet Cancer Diagnosis

6:56 pm

pet cancerA pet cancer diagnosis is difficult to hear, but AERA is here to help you develop a treatment plan. From diagnosis to treatment, you and your family are likely to face different emotions and decisions. It is best to be prepared and work through the process with experts, and AERA can help you do just that.

Coping with the Diagnosis

If your veterinarian tells you that your cat or dog has cancer, it’s important to keep in mind that veterinary oncology is extremely advanced these days with a wide variety of treatment options, and a board-certified veterinary oncologist is the right person to help you make the best decisions for both you and your pet. A board-certified oncologist has years of specialized training and experience in diagnosing and treating pet cancer, so you can feel confident that your pet is receiving the highest quality care.

The best oncology treatment teams will tell you everything you need to know about your pet’s diagnosis, give you detailed information about the recommended treatments, and remain available to answer any questions you may have. At AERA, our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your pet’s care; we never want you to leave our hospital with any unanswered questions.

As mentioned earlier, cancer treatment options for pets have come a long way. Not only does AERA have the ability to administer chemotherapy on-site under the guidance of a board-certified medical oncologist, but we also have board-certified surgeons experienced in tumor removal and a close partnership with local radiation oncologists who can perform radiation therapy planning and delivery. Sometimes a treatment plan will involve a combination of these options, and our goal is always to get your pet back to feeling better and enjoying life.

Forming a plan with your veterinary oncologist can help you feel more relaxed. It’s important to remember that you’re an essential part of the treatment process, and you’ll never be pressured to proceed with a treatment approach that you aren’t comfortable with. It is also important that you help your pet feel relaxed and comfortable, as all of these new unfamiliar faces and experiences may make him or her feel stressed or anxious, especially at first. If this is the case, feel free to bring a familiar toy or blanket to your pet’s appointments to help him or her feel more at ease. It’s also comforting for you to know that pets fare much better than humans with cancer treatment, as there are often little to no side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. In most cases, no one will even know your pet is receiving cancer therapy unless you tell them!

AERA has helped treat cancers in pets for over 40 years. Our staff, including a board-certified veterinary oncologist, is here to provide guidance and support to owners as they face the challenges that come with cancers in all pets, including prolonging and improving quality of life or even finding a cure. To get more information, call AERA today at 973-788-0500.