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Sep 03

AERA Closed Due To Hurricane Ida: Alternative Veterinary Hospitals

ATTENTION:  AERA is currently closed due to significant flooding caused by the local impact of Hurricane Ida. We are working to reopen our hospital on Tuesday, September 7th at 8:00 AM. If your pet needs emergency ...

Jun 29

5 Ways AERA Elevates Anesthesia Safety to a Higher Level

If your pet needs surgery, you may be concerned about them undergoing anesthesia. You may wonder whether the procedure is really necessary, or can be put off to avoid your pet being anesthetized. We understand ...

May 04

The Veterinary Criticalist: Elevating Patient Care

At Animal Emergency and Referral Associates, our critical care department functions much like a human intensive care unit (ICU). Pet emergencies and illnesses that may require round-the-clock intensive care can occur at all hours of ...

Feb 15

Animal Eye Center of NJ Gets a New Look!

Our fellow veterinary hospital, the Animal Eye Center of NJ, is starting off 2021 with some exciting news! They have developed a new look and feel for their hospital, including logo, branding, and their own ...

Oct 30

Does Your Pet Have Dental Disease?

You brush and floss your teeth twice daily, and visit your family dentist every six months, because you know that good oral hygiene is important for your overall health. Moreover, you want to avoid painful ...

Sep 01

Preparing Your Furry Co-Worker for Your Return to Work

No one has been happier about you working from home over the past several months than your furry companion. Your pet has undoubtedly been glued to your side—napping at your feet while you type away, ...

Aug 25

Hot Dogs and Cool Cats: Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses from Ruining Your Fun

Summer is quickly fading into fall, and you want to squeeze every last bit of fun from the remaining beautiful days. As you include your pet in your outdoor plans, don’t forget that temperatures can ...

Aug 03

Honey’s Story: A Case Study from the AERA Surgery Department

Honey, a 9-year-old intact female Golden Retriever presented to the emergency service at AERA for an abdominal mass diagnosed by her primary veterinarian. A workup has been prompted by a sudden reduction in Honey’s appetite. ...

Jul 28

Bandit’s Story: A Case Study from the AERA Surgery Team

After two weeks of inappetence and lethargy, Bandit’s parents decided it was time to bring the 14 year-old cocker spaniel to the hospital, as, even for an old guy, Bandit was just not himself. A ...

Jun 05

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

When you add a wriggling little fluff ball to your family, you’re probably not thinking much beyond puppy kisses or kitten snuggles. But, if you invest time and dedication into your pet’s training and health, ...

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