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Sep 25

Animal Pain Awareness Month Seeks to Educate Pet Owners on Pain Management

Like humans, animals can experience immense pain, but unlike humans, they can’t tell you about it in words. While some animals may experience acute pain from time to time, others may be dealing with chronic ...

Aug 29

Signs Your Pet May Have Glaucoma or Cataracts

As a pet owner, you always know when something seems “off” about your pet. Perhaps your dog no longer wants to play, is sleeping more, or is constantly blinking. Maybe your cat is walking clumsily, ...

Aug 01

CASE STUDY: Approach to Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

Approach to Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs Chris Hunt BVSc, DACVS Laryngeal paralysis is a manifestation of a polyneuropathy seen mostly in older large breed dogs; it is occasionally diagnosed in young dogs (less than a year of age) ...

Jul 24

August Health Clinic: Comprehensive Echocardiograms for Cats that Qualify

Has your cat been diagnosed with a heart murmur but displays no other symptoms? Are you putting off further testing due to cost? Our board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Gordon Peddle, will be performing feline echocardiogram screenings without ...

Jul 15

How to Prevent an Animal Poison-Related Emergency

If you’ve ever had a toddler in the house, you know how important it is to “babyproof” every room, making sure that all dangerous items are locked away or stored out of the reach of ...

Jun 15

How Your Family Can Create an Emergency Plan for Your Pets

Emergencies and natural disasters are scary and stressful for everybody – especially our pets. With a little bit of planning, however, you can make sure that your pets will be safe and comfortable if something ...

Jun 08

Rodenticides Warning

Did you know that rodent poisons containing Bromethalin are deadly for cats and dogs? Bromethalin is the active ingredient in many rodenticides and the scary part is, there is currently no known anecdote. Be sure ...

Nov 14

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